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The findings report is included in all the services provided

State Matrix Audit

Possible application state audit. Audit is not limited to what is achievable via UI or API, but also includes hardware issues, OS bugs and malicious insider cases. The states are categorized by business impact, severity and probability.

Failure Propagation Analysis

Analysis of a Random Graph representing service’s dependency tree. Failure probabilities calculated for individual nodes and the service in general. Weaknesses such as single point of failure are highlighted.

Performance Audit

Verification of the performance levels and the recommendation on addressing the concerns. The audit includes a Multivariable Scalability Curve.

Why Me

The skills you would not easily find on the market

  • Random Graph Theory expert

  • comfortable in a large codebase

  • over 15 years of experience building distributed systems

  • know what can be made optional

Symptoms that you need me

If any of this applies to your organization, I can help

  • You have a regular bugfix release scheduled after each feature release

  • You lost over $100k due to instability in two last quarters

  • You are about to sign a contract with strict SLAs and big penalties

  • You lost clients to competitors. The clients cite broad performance and stability issues as the reason for leaving

  • You do not fully understand either the cause or the remedy described by the dev team in the incident Post-Mortem


Anonymized past experiences which I wanted to share with you.

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